#3 Short Film on a Shoe String: The Concept

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Before you start anything you need a concept or an idea, that can get you started.
I keep a note book where I can write down ideas, sometimes when I start writing, the story just seems flow, and my first idea’s are usually the best ones. I currently have four screenplays in varying stages of development. I’m not telling you to work this way, this is just how I begin a project, you will need to find a system that works for you. The note book is for me only, because I’m slightly dyslexic, my spelling is awful, especially double letters. (I just had to take one l out of awfull) My note book and pen has no spell check, it’s a weird thing, inherited from my mothers side of the family.  So when I write with pen and paper I don’t have to worry about the spelling.

From Paper to Laptop
I start with my characters, and I use a neat little programme called Persona, it helps you to identify your character type, with all the extras, what does he read, do where is he from, how old is he, what kind of hero is he, how tall is he, what’s the colour of his hair. You get the idea.

Danny is the protagonist in my short  film “Mystery Girl” and here is my personal notes about Danny.

Danny is a creative person, a singer/songwriter and  good at expressing his feelings, which makes him popular  with the girls in his high school but unpopular with  boys. His mother died when he was very young and his father turned to alcohol. Music is how he learned to survive, and cope with the world he lives in.

A tiny part of this description is about me, line 1 to line 2. Yes there was a mystery girl, but the rest is all story telling. I’m a musician so I write about what I know.  I come into contact with all sorts of people, I’m also a music teacher and I started to tell some stories to my students in the strictest confidence of course. A group of 5 students got together and they wanted me to tell my stories on camera so they could upload them to you tube, I refused, but it did make me think that there might be some value in writing them down.

My tip to you in this blog is this: If you want to be a writer or a film maker, just do it. Jane Austin is now considered to be one of the greatest writers in the English language. She read books and when she started to write she wrote about the world she new in her small area in England. Her six novels are now classics, but her universal appeal has only come the forefront when her stories were made into movies.

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