#3 Song Writing The Title

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When have some chords and lyrics or ideas for lyrics the next thing I would do is find a good title for the piece. If you have some lyrics written you could extract the title from the lyrics, perhaps something that sounds good and sums up what you are writing about.

I’m sure that writers find there own way of developing a song, so I can only tell you what works for me. I keep a note book in the room that I work in, in this note book I write titles for songs, I absorb ideas from different sources, when I hear something that I like, I take a mental note of it or write it down somewhere then include it in my song title book. In my song title note book, I currently have 56 unused song titles, sometimes a person in conversation will say something that I like the sound of, or it could be a film, a TV programme a magazine or a book, it’s a bit like river fishing, you know the fish are there you just need the right bate to extract them, so you are fishing (listening) for good titles.

Tip. Google the title before you start working at it and you may discover that someone else has used the same title, you don’t need to bin it you could just re-arrange it or say it another way. You could also just keep it there are lots of songs with the same title but I think it’s better to be original.

When you have the title, this is only the beginning you now need to find a concept, I will explain this in the next blog.

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