#3 What I’ve Learned from Teaching Music: Group Learning

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There is nothing more exciting than a live gig with a real band, I would even suggest that the buzz you get is addictive and you can’t wait for the next one, but like any addiction things can go seriously wrong when it all gets out of hand but I will deal with this another time. Lets just concern ourselves with the positives of live performing, now imagine if you could bottle the feeling and sell it, this is essentially what I do with my students, I get them to play as a group right from the beginning. If you offered me a brand new Ferrari or a great live band I would take the band every time. Call me crazy if you like but it’s the truth!

Right now I would like you ask yourself this question Which instrument do  you play in the band? This has got to be your starting point and what you will build your teaching method on but you do need to study the other instruments in the group even if you do not have any skill in playing them.

What you will be passing on to your students is an education but more importantly your enthusiasm for what you love, this will make the lessons with your students exciting, even when their skill is not quite up to it at the beginning, but you will be amazed at how quickly they get the idea of playing music together because the sense of rhythm is built into most of us.

Here is a link to some keyboard students who have just move on to their 3rd year and are now at grade 1.

In the next few blog I will pass on some of methods which are now tried and tested and are guaranteed to work for you.  

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