#4 All You Need Is Love

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When I was twenty one I married Mary, she had a huge influence on me, and like a skilled sculpture she gradually chipped away all my ragged edges. I think it would be fair to say that we were opposites in personality, she was quiet and shy, and I’m outgoing and gregarious. I could tell you so many story’s about how she knocked me into shape but I will tell you one, to give you some idea of her personality.

As I explained in blog 3 of this series I had no problems with confidence, in fact I would say I was over confident, which is not a good thing. My first impressions about Mary were not good ones, she seemed a little dowdy, and a bit old fashioned, for me, but as I got to know her better, she began to grow on me, so I asked her for a date.

It didn’t take me to long to ask her to marry me, but she told me that she would need to think about it first before giving me an answer. It took her six months to say yes to me. In truth what I did was pick up one of her rings and discovered that it fitted perfectly onto my little finger, so I went to the jeweller, picked a ring and he took the size from my finger. I took her for a meal then handed her the little box with the ring, job done. Well not quite, she did say yes, but years later, we were reminiscing about old times, I was probably in my mid thirty’s  by this time, so I asked her why it took her so long to make up her mind about me? The answer—I always got the feeling that you were going to go off with someone else. I said to her, what made you think I was going to do that? The answer—You are a born flirt. I said, not me, I don’t flirt with other woman. The answer—Ronnie (my nick-name) you are a flirt, you just don’t realize you’re doing it.

It took me a lot of years to learn that lesson, but there was absolutely no mistaking it when it arrived. She was also uncertain about the songwriter part of me, because it might take me away from the family. She brought me down to earth, and made me realise that the simple things in life are the best choice.

Mary died in 1994 from breast cancer, we were married for 20 years and I was left with a 14 year old son and a 4 year old daughter, they both went through a very difficult time in there own way but they have both settled down now and are very happy.

I was a widower for four years until a little blond bombshell dropped into my life and turned it upside-down, but will tell you more about that in the next blog in this series.

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