#4 Choosing Your Instrument: Pop Piano

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Let me explain what I mean pop piano. Most piano players that I know have been to formal music lessons and learned the piano in the traditional way, which is learning to read music for the treble clef and the bass clef.

I can read both clefs, but I’m very slow at reading the bass clef  (for piano mostly the left hand)  and very good on the treble clef. (for piano mostly the Right hand)

What I play on the piano is chords, mostly on the right hand the left hand plays a bass line similar to a bass guitar. I’m a huge fan of Billy Joel, I’ve got every Album he produced and been to see him live twice when he was in the UK. The truth is what I play on piano is very basic compared to the incredible Billy Joel, but that didn’t stop me trying.

I would say that this is my weakest instrument of the all the ones I’ve listed and if you want to play piano I strongly recommend piano lessons, as soon as you can, the younger you start the better.

I use the piano more as a song writing instrument now, when I get an idea for a song, I will always use the guitar first, but if what I’m playing sounds a bit stale, I switch to the piano, which gives a different approach to what I’m trying to achieve.

My favourite piano styles, for pleasure are classical and jazz, because I cant play as good as that, I simply sit back and  enjoy the music. These styles of music can be difficult at first, but I compare it to my first sip of Scotch Whiskey, the first taste makes you think “how can anybody drink that,” but after a couple of sips you keep going back.

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