#4 Getting Discovered: Practice for Your Niche

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Mainstream music by it’s very title will have a familiar feel to it and will not by nature move away from what the majority of buying public want to hear, until the next big wave stirs the stream over somewhat. Artists like Adele and Taylor Swift are leading the way in pop music.

Lets go with the water metaphor for a bit and indulge in the idea of a stream. A stream by definition is a small flow of water leading into the larger flow of water, so we are comparing peoples taste to large and small movements of water. If you are of the opinion that the majority of people must be right all the time then you would buy into the mainstream idea, but is this thinking always correct, in the 20th century there  were lots of opinions on different things but you would probably disagree with a lot of them now, the fact is, people change and taste certainly does change. I would also suggest that mainstream would also fall into the idea, that you “go with the flow” where as a small stream needs to find its own path down the hill until it reaches the river.

The genuine artist will examine the mainstream but never go with the flow, the reason why some artists like the ones I mentioned in the first paragraph were first noticed is because they didn’t go with the flow and thus have entered the mainstream as a result.

The aspiring artist must develop his art and practice, practice, practice,  to become the very best in your niche, and you might  even end up in the mainstream.

Finding your niche is much easier with the internet and I will pass on some tips that have worked for me in finding my niche, it’s not easy but it can be done

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