#4 Learn To Dance: Critic’s & Partners

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Think on this simple point: If a child starts to dance, family and friends give them loads of encouragement, and rightly so, this is a gift that could last a lifetime. This all changes from the teenage years and upward, WHY? It’s called peer pressure. What’s that?

The social influence a peer group exerts on its individual members, as each member attempts to conform to the expectations of the group. This is not all bad, sometimes it’s good eg not to lie steal, kindness and other moral values can have a positive pressure on the group, however it is more commonly used in a negative way.

I’m going to give you one example of peer pressure. After my regular tap dance lesson, and on my way home, four guys were just out from the bar and they were standing in front of me, I only knew one of them, and he asked “where have you been?” and I answered “at my tap dance class” after a few remarks which I will leave out, one of the them said “what! are you gay” so I did some reverse psychology on him, or hit back at him by saying “what are you asking for a date” now he was the source of ridicule not me. The lesson is this, if you want to dance, why be influenced by people who only want to mock you, because you have a mind of your own. It will come as no surprise to you, that I haven’t seen these guys since this happened.

If you are dancing with a partner, it is possible for you to rely on your partner to much by not carrying your own weight, this is not a bad thing, but you do limit your own possibilities to make progress. The difficulty will come when you dance with another partner. In my introduction to this series, of blogs I gave the experience I had with my wife Karen, but she didn’t want to dance with anyone else, and I persuaded her to try ballroom, so we were both happy with that arrangement.

However if you want to be a good dancer I do believe you must practice on your own, if you are serious about learning to dance. I chose tap dancing because you don’t need a partner, but even if that initial idea is true, you will nearly always start off by dancing in a group of dancers, and the group need to work together in unison, at least to start with.

The link is to my favourite routine from Strictly

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