#4 Learn To Dance: The Sacred Ring

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Dancing was still a part of my life but music was becoming much more important to me and by the age of fifteen I had now learned to play the guitar and sing. I had two very good friends, George who I went to school with and Brian who I started my first band with. Going to the dancing was very important for two reasons 1..Listening to what other bands were doing. 2…Meeting girls.

Walking up to a girl and asking her to dance was very intimidating, the girls would all go to the dancing in groups of about six or twelve, and they would dance together in a circle leaving their bags on the floor in the centre of the ring, we called this the sacred ring because you would have to break this ring to get a dance. This is mostly how it would go, I would tap a girl on the shoulder and ask if I could dance with her, then she would look me up and down, if she didn’t like the way I looked, she would just ignore my advances.  Wishing the floor would swallow me up whole, I now walk away completely humiliated. George and I decided to talk to them first, when they were not dancing! This proved to be a much better plan, but it was me that had to do the talking, George would just stand a look handsome, which he was, and the girls always liked how he looked, so with me doing the chatting-up  and George posing, things started to get better in the dancing department.

We were now being invited to parties until one night I was asked to bring my guitar and sing some songs. After singing a few pop songs of the day, suddenly I became very popular, girls now wanted to talk to me, and one in particular was very attentive and very pretty indeed. George came over to me and said “we need to leave now” I said “that’s because I’m getting all the attention and not you” he said “do you see the big guy standing over there? “yes” “that’s her boyfriend” We sneaked out the kitchen door but he eventually found me. Let me just say, that this lesson made me much more cautious with any future encounters with the fairer sex.

My next dance was now quite a few years away as my life became more involved with playing music rather than dancing to the music.

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