#4 Live You Tube Broadcast Rehearsal Verdict

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The live broadcast is tonight and we did the rehearsal last week. The title is simple “House Concert Demo” We chose this title because we are planning a new promotion for me to perform at a homes hosted by fans, this is a back to basics thing because it’s how I got started performing the swing music. The goal is to increase our local fan base so we can put on more concerts each year with the big band and we all think that house concerts is a fast way forward in reaching that goal.

The rehearsal highlighted a delay in feeding the music through the camera to you tube, now I know nothing about all this digital stuff but it was obviously out of sync and it was something to do with the bit rate, I’m glad to say that Darren eventually got it right but it did take some time to work out how to correct the fault. The point here is if we did not do a rehearsal we would never have worked this out in time for the live broadcast, so take my word for it, always do your preparation before a live gig you won’t regret it, that’s not to say of course that things will never go wrong but you will be narrowing down the possibilities of this happening if you do a rehearsal.

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