#4 Music In My Opinion: Creativity

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Creativity comes in all sort of guises, but composition for me is the primary way to produce great music. I don’t as yet, lay claim to this but I now feel that I’m closer than ever. I would use the term Creator to God only, who created the universe and the planet where we live. When examined closely, it screams out that an intelligent mind was involved in creation.

The Oxford Dictionary describes creativity as: imaginative, inventive,  artistic, original, ingenious, resourceful.

If you feel that you fall into this category, I must warn you that it is not an easy road to travel, you will be beset by doubters even yourself. Music composition is first of all a craft, for which you need to know at the very least some basics of how to play your instrument. The best instruments to learn for composition are either piano or guitar, because they are polyphonic (play chords) if you play a monophonic instrument, it is still a good idea to have some skill on piano or guitar.

A lot of writers work in pairs or small groups, bringing to the partnership different skills. I have tried this approach but it didn’t work for me, usually because I would do most of the work. On a positive note, what has worked for me, is; 1.. professional arranger for the music. 2.. professional producer, 3..professional musicians. This is costly and not for everyone, but I was never was a fan of the recording studio, which is what I did before hiring the pro’s. Now I do a lot of solo gigs and bank all the cash until I have enough for the next EP.  My team include a standard rhythm section, 3 sax’s, 2 trumpets, 1 trombone. 3 backing vocalist’s. Sound man and manager. We don’t do a lot of live gigs with this set-up but when we do, it is just amazing.

With the above set-up, all the pressure is off me, so I can concentrate on what I do best, 1..writing the songs  2..Live performing. Although all of this centres around me, what actually happens is, everyone has some kind of input on what’s being created.

Here is some wisdom from an ancient Proverb: 15:22

Plans fail when there is no consultation,
But there is accomplishment through many advisers.

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