#4 Screenwriter: Format or Formula

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When I started writing my screenplay, I didn’t have a clue about anything, and just started writing. This was great at first, but I new there was something wrong, but couldn’t quit work out what it was, but I did manage to find the  heart of the story, and this hasn’t changed, but it was time to get some  help. I purchased 3 software packages; 1..Contour, which helps you  to create a plot, by comparison to classic script’s 2..Contour Persona, this helps to keep focused on the personality traits of your characters, what they like what the don’t like and what they would do under certain circumstances. 3..Movie Magic Screenwriter which helps you to write a script with the correct scene headings, dialogue etc.

So now I’ve got the tools I need, and all I needed now is the right Formula or is it Format. Formula “a fixed form of words” definitely not that Format “arrangement or procedure” okay that’s it, so there’s a set way to write for a movie? Yes that’s correct.
The best explanation I found for this was by Michael Hauge (search on you tube).

Stage I   Setup: Fully in identity
Stage II  New Situation: Glimpses essence
Stage III New Progress: Vacillates between identity & essence
Stage IV Complications: & higher stakes move steadily into essence
Stage V  Final Push: Retreats into identity then returns  fully to essence
Stage VI Aftermath: Transformed existence

This link should take you to Michael Hauge giving the explanation of this structure.
In my next blog  I will go through, this structure from a personal point of view.


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