#4 Song Writing The Concept

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What you should have now is, some chords to work with, lyric ideas, and a title. The concept is what the song is about, love or out of love are favourites, but you can write about anything you like. I think the 60’s brought the biggest change to the song writing concept eg Yellow Submarine, Mellow Yellow, Blowing In The Wind, to name a few. I think what is important here is you need to have something to say.

Let’s start with a title “You Burn My Heart” right away you have a metaphor to play with “burn” now start thinking about similar words eg match, flame, fire. Now get your note book, or sheets of paper and start to write them down, anything you can think of. The next key word is heart, you must also realise that the heart, is a metaphor for how we feel, so try and think of different ways to express how you feel, perhaps using burn and feeling together eg you light my flame etc Metaphors are bread and butter for songwriters.

When you have the concept it’s now time to make it real, this phrase gets used a lot but what does it mean? I will explain this in the next blog.

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