#5 All You Need Is Love

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Love at first sight always seemed like a cliché to me, and it took me very much by surprise. I met Karen for the first time when I was with a large group of friends, and I was asked if I had met the new girl yet, so  asked where she was. I walked through the crowd in the direction I was pointed in, and there she was I  saw her blonde hair, then she turned her head toward me and smiled as I squeezed past the other people, she was beautiful. I was in love immediately.

The year was 1997 I was 45 and Karen was 34, so I started rationalizing, when I got home, I said to myself  “I’m to old for all this” but the feeling just wouldn’t go away, and it didn’t take me long to follow through on it.

A few months later when we were engaged, no one was surprised about us being engaged. What I thought were very private feelings at our first meet, was obvious to most of the woman in the room right away. I would say to them “there’s no way you would notice that” and the answer was the same every time “we new you liked her because when you introduced yourself to Karen for, you had nothing to say”.

In September 18th 1998 we were married in Edinburgh. We moved to Perth in 1999 and founded the Perthshire Music School, we bought  semi detached Victorian house in January 2000 my daughter Gail was 10 and Jamie, Karen’s son was also 10, so it was a bit like having twins. My oldest son Simon was 19 and at University. The three of them had their issues, some we resolved and some were a lot deeper, than we thought they were.

Karen died May 2012 from cancer, I have now live with a broken heart, I loved Mary and Karen but it’s Karen that has been my muse. I started the songs when she was well, and “Watching The Stars” my first EP, represents my first attempts at writing in the jazz/swing style.

About this time I received a substantial royalty for the country song “The Tennessee Shuffle” written for a country band and we were discussing how we could use the money to improve the driveway. Karen suggested mono block to make it look better, then I asked her how she felt about re-investing the money into a recording session with a proper swing band. To my total surprise, she thought that was a great idea. Sadly she only got to hear a demo version of “Watching The Stars”. She was like a coach keeping me right with my vocals, although she had no music training, she did have a very good ear.

What I bring to my music is love, not just first time love, but a feeling of just a little more depth of meaning in the lyrics. I also bring lifetime of being loved and the genuine turmoil that is almost certain to happen when you share your life with another person.

I’ve enjoyed writing this blog, it has been almost therapeutic. I would be very pleased if you could listen to a track and leave a comment here on this blog.

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