#5 Being A Musician: The First Gig

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Your first gig will more than likely be for friends and family and it’s a good place to start, because your friends and family will be willing you to do well and this will give you encouragement to move up to the next level, which would be a performance for a not so friendly audience.

The question that you need to ask yourself before you take this step is, am I ready musically to move on to an unfriendly audience? I’m going to give you an experience of a young couple who came to me for some guidance in reaching this step. The girl was the vocalist and her partner played the electronic keyboard, they were good together but not great and they had been offered some regular gigs at a local club. My opinion was that they would do better to not take the gigs until they got a few things sorted first. Eg the vocalist would going of pitch mostly because the keys were wrong for her and the keyboard player needed to learn how to do this. They were happy to work on these points but still wanted to take the gigs, so I helped them with a couple of songs and they were very happy with what they learned, but I strongly advised them not to take the gigs. Why? Because I knew and had experience of this kind of audience and how unsympathetic they would be, and at the very least they would need to prepare themselves for this and develop a very thick skin. This was one instance where I was very unhappy to be right. The couple got so much bad feed back that they gave up on doing gigs completely.

I have not told you this to put you off performing but to answer the question, are you ready to move on to the next step, where your job is to win over an audience nearly every time you do a gig. Take my word for it, this not easy task and I will give you some tips in the next blog on how to prepare and how to win them over.

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