#5 Choosing Your Instrument: Acoustic Guitar

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Acoustic guitars come in lots of shapes and sizes, I’m not going to go into all the variants, there simply isn’t enough time to cover them all in this blog.

We can narrow them down to two categories’ s, by the type of strings used; nylon strings, and steel strings. The difference is in the sound each produces.

I use the steel string guitar for the strumming sound especially with open string chords, which gives a clean bright sound, and very popular in folk and rock music.

My favourite guitar is definitely the nylon string guitar, you could say I fell in love with the sound and became an accomplished performer in classical and Spanish guitar and reached diploma level in this style of music. When the technology improved the pick up system, I purchased a beautiful Yamaha APX electro acoustic guitar, which I used for live performing. It was also fantastic in the recording studio, you could just plug it straight into the desk and it always sounded amazing. The electro system is damaged now, and I can’t get it replaced, which is a shame, but I keep this guitar at home for song writing.

I’m now interested in Gypsy Jazz guitar and considering a new acoustic guitar for this style of music, I’ve seen a couple of good samples of this type  on the net, but I prefer to play a new guitar before I buy, so I ‘m searching for one nearer home.

Although I started with the Piano Accordion, then to pop piano, I would say that the guitar is my first instrument, because I’ve went further in the learning curve with the acoustic guitar than any other instrument.

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