#5 Getting Discovered: Finding Your Niche

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In the last blog I referred to music in the  mainstream, that is taste in music which is the most popular or pop for short.

Lets use this metaphor again to understand what has happened. Taste in music is described as mainstream and small stream, which all eventually reaches the ocean, and lets consider the ocean as the sea of humanity. The internet has democratised humanity and national borders can be crossed without setting foot in a country, now this sounds great for musicians, but there is still some barriers to overcome, the first is language, second there is culture and third there is demographic, personally I don’t like this word but marketing guys always ask, what is your demographic? So after I look it up in a dictionary, I can now answer that question, which is I’m not very sure. I will consider demographic in another blog.

I’m going to go back to our main topic now getting discovered, I think this idea has been turned on its head, in the sense that you need to discover your audience, and then they discover you right back again. If we liken the internet to the ocean, then what you need to do is start fishing. The bait is you, and your individual musical style, which they might have a little nibble at but may not take the bait straight away, they will swim around it a bit suspiciously, and think it’s a bit like that other piece which all the other fish is biting on, your bait sounds a bit to strange or maybe to familiar, so what do you do now? You need to change, or add a little something to get the fish to start biting.

In my next blog we will look at how we can get the fish start biting, if you have done any real fishing you will already know that this is no easy thing to do, a lot of patience and skill is involved and where I live in Perth Scotland the gillie is fishing expert who can guide the novice to the best spots on the river.

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