#5 Learn To Dance: Learning & A Mentor

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Dancers who want to progress will enrol in a dance school, and you will learn a lot from the experience of a professional dancer. My dance teacher is amazing, she works out everything out during the lesson, and she will break down the steps into small sections and will do more complicated steps  at half the speed. She made me do a section on my own, and I was thinking “why is she picking on me again” but it wasn’t like that, she just wanted to point out one little transition section that I wasn’t doing properly, and I was given some praise from the other dancers. My dance teacher was now my mentor, giving me the personal attention that  I needed, to keep up with the rest of the class.

The dance lesson is one hour a week, that is not enough for me, eg I’m hopeless at turning on the spot, so I searched out “How to do a basic turn” on You Tube, and I found a video explaining very carefully what you need to work on . I’m still not great at turning but it’s a lot than it was. I’ve also purchased a DVD from my online teacher Rod Howell, the track is called “The Duke” you can check it out at this link.

I’ve performed this routine live, this routine is so different from what I learn in my dance class, and I was asked to perform it at my dance class solo, this was the first time I was the only person who could do the routine. The point I want to make here is simple, you need to find your own way of learning and discover new things about what you are learning, now I can combine American tap with Uk style tap. I look forward to my dance class so much, it has changed everything for me as a dancer and as a lead singer on the stage, it gives me the confidence on stage to move spontaneously to the music without getting all those “I’m so shy” feelings. We did a gig at a music festival, we only played for 1 hour, but during that hour the audience were taking photographs of me all the time. I’m so confident the band  love it and my confidence rubs of on them. So why are you waiting? Get it done you know I’m right, right!

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