#5 Learn To Dance: The Talk of the Town

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For the next few years I was working all the time playing music, so I had very little opportunity to go dancing, I would sometimes dance with a girl that I liked at a gig but not very often, because they wanted more attention than I could give.

My next proper dance was with the girl I fell in love with and eventually married, her name was Mary, I became very friendly with Mary and her flat mate Mags. When I first met them they both seemed a bit dowdy compared to the girls I had been dating, so it was not love at first sight, we just seemed to get on well together, they had a great sense of humour and I enjoyed there company very much. Now this leads me to my first dance, after a long time not really doing any dancing. After about a year of being just friends I started to feel different about Mary and thought it might be a good idea to ask her for a date, I managed to get a little time alone with her and asked her if she would like to go to a dance with me, her first response was this “I will just check and find out what Mags is doing” not with Mags this time, just me and you on a proper date, she accepted and I told her that we will go to the Talk of The Town in Ayr. I used to get work their with the resident band and got two complimentary tickets, this was the largest night club on the west coast of Scotland and the event was a dinner dance, with ladies in evening gown and gents in evening wear, very posh.

You might think that I would need to brush up on my dance steps but I never even gave it a thought, I was young, confident and with a beautiful girl. Mary hadn’t done very much dancing but she was willing to have a go. I took her on the floor for a waltz which is relatively easy, she struggled a bit but I said to her just listen to the music, the count is one, two, three, and let my right hand on your left shoulder guide you. This simple instruction was like a transformation, she held on to me tightly and of we went, we could even talk to each other during the dance. We now stepped on the floor for about every second dance applying the same simple rule, I’m certain that I didn’t do all the proper steps but we weren’t bothered about that, we were enjoying the dance and being together.

I will give you some tips on learning steps in the next blog. If you enjoy dancing like I do, you will want to take it further and start learning steps and moves, this will take work, but anything worthwhile is going to take some workThe lesson is this, music and dance go together like a horse and carriage, love and marriage. Music is so diversified now that it makes dancing the same and it can be very bewildering to try and learn steps for specific dances. Keep everything simple to get started 1..Music has rhythm and a beat listen to this first, feel the beat in the music 2…Beat and rhythm is infectious, tap your feet, clap your hands and practice moving to this. Engage your body with the music, dancing condenses down to these two basic principles.  When you start to do this, you begin to enjoy the music in a different way, you hear it, but now you are involved and expressing what you feel in the music, now this is what I call fun.

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