#5 Live You Tube Broadcast What Next?

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Now that we know that it is possible to broadcast live via you tube, this does give us some new interesting opportunities. Almost anything can be done live as long as we have the correct Wi Fi connection.


1…I think we need to look into the pros and cons of a second perhaps roving camera, to make the shots more interesting, less static and generally more professional looking.

2…We definitely need to improve the outgoing audio to the camera, perhaps even have someone controlling the audio mix.

3…Finally we need someone to direct the live show and to be in control of the camera shots and the audio.


While my experience in early studio work did help a little, I was always in front of the camera and merely an observer to the action behind the camera. I think what we have now is a good first attempt but clearly there is much more to this art form than what we casually observe on screen. We will look into what extra equipment we need and do some costing and keep you posted with the results.

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