#5 Short Film on a Shoe String: Music

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Music in film have been together from the beginning, yes silent movies, a pianist and sometimes a full orchestra would be hired to add music, to enhance the drama on the screen. For about the first thirty years of cinema’s existence, virtually all films were accompanied by musicians. Eventually, films were distributed with published cue sheets suggesting what the piano player would perform. Eventually, serious composers began to see respectable possibilities in the new upstart “merely-for-the-masses” art form. Most film producers, who were first and foremost businessmen, and rarely commissioned orchestral scores from composers with a reputation outside of the cinematic circles.

The fact that some kind of effective music was desirable, the score itself was still looked upon as a merely secondary and functional consideration, and it will come as no surprise, that legitimate composers, tended to be fussy about the integrity of their orchestration. Producers had to commission a number of optional, authorized performing versions of a single score, hiring the real thing could be costly indeed.

Now it seems inconceivable that you could produce any movie without music, and my short film is no different, we have not decided on any incidental music yet and will add this it when the  film is edited and produced. but I’ve written two songs which fit to the story and the action.

All my young actors are very talented individuals, they can sing, dance, and act, So I’ve written two songs which fit to the story and the action. I’ve changed the Fade in (Intro and titles) to a musical one with the small cast singing and dancing to the song titled “School Day” for now on paper only.

The reveal of the “Mystery Girl” near the end, has the main character “Danny” singing the title song “Mystery Girl” This track is recorded but with me on vocals and I will take our protagonist (Danny) to the recording studio to add his vocal, and take out mine.

The video clip is one of the auditions for “The Mystery Girl”

Mystery Girl Audition

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