#5 Tap Dance Lessons Getting Praise

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When I arrived at my dance class a little late as usual, Julie (the Teacher) said that they were just waiting for me, I think she was trying to make me feel better, because I can’t keep up with the rest of the dancers. So I put my tap shoes on and we went straight into the shuffle step (#3 Tap dance Lesson) so of I went with the group, completely focused on trying to keep up, with the warm up routine. Julie said to me, “you can do the shuffle step! you’ve been practicing!“, I felt like a wee school boy, but that feeling didn’t last long because we now went into the next routine. I was in the middle (where else) did my walking with style, between eight lovely women, who dance back and forward and around me, I’m doing a cool swaying thing. The next part was my solo spot, what! After some debating I did my SOLO shuffle step then the girls joined in. It was great fun and I really loved it but the pressure was unbelievable. The women are all very helpful and understanding, so I just accepted the praise.

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