#6 Getting Discovered: Preparation First

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The internet without doubt is the resource you will need to use. I can remember when there was no mobile phones, no internet and no computers and the nearest thing to resemble a computer when it arrived was a typewriter. I did work out the direction we were going in and bought my first computer an Atri St fm which had a half megabyte of memory and I got it upgraded to one whole megabyte, still got it in a cupboard somewhere.

Most of you reading this blog I’m sure, will have been reared with computers always being there, and they have just become part of your everyday life. It has been the opposite for me I’ve had to learn everything myself step by step etc., Because I’ve had to work so hard to keep up with the pace, I have a kind of love hate relationship with computers, I love what they can do for me as a musician but hate all the other baggage eg games etc if I want to play at chess for example I get out the board and play with a real person. So I can only reach out to you from my own experience and will be pleased for you to disagree or agree with my perspective.

Our key point is this, you have written and recorded some great music with your band or as a solo artist and in the process you have acquired some local fans but you now want to reach out to a wider audience through the internet. This is going to take preparation before you start fishing for new fans because they will expect a bit more than a nibble they are looking for tasty bites and will come back for more if they find a good feeding ground.  

What I will do now is list the some of the websites I use regularly, along with some tips and what has worked best for me

1… https://ronaldsimone.co.uk/
This is an absolute must, before you do anything else start creating your own website which encapsulates your individuality and of course your music this is where all your interest should be directed and is like the hub in the wheel of who you are. It needs some essential stop of locations
Home page with a link to join your newsletter
Bio page how you got started etc    
Your Music page where to listen and where to buy your work
You Tube link page including 2 -3 of your best videos
Contact page Its always better, though not always possible to have a business address.

I must admit that I have someone who does the website for me, I tell him what I want and he brings it all together.

In the next blog I will continue with the social media sites that I use

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