#6 Learn To Dance: Inner Critic’s & Physical Pain

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Your inner critic is your negative self, that keeps telling you, that you just aren’t good enough, to old, to young, to fat, to thin, I just can’t remember the steps, everybody is better than me. You get the idea, our biggest critic is ourselves, but if you are reading this blog, you must be, at the least, thinking about learning to dance.

Okay so we’ve established that you want to dance right!! This is what you need to do, ignore your internal critic, get up of your big chair and take you’re your body to where you want to be, and start dancing.

Perhaps the best dancer ever, or at least the best known is Fred Astaire brought up in vaudeville from the age of five, but did you know that he had a sister, Adele aged eight. They danced together as partners, but it was Adele who was the star. When Adele got married and stopped dancing, Fred thought his career was over, but he kept on working at his dancing, and became a star with RKO Radio Pictures. One comment about him from RKO, was “His hair is thinning, can’t sing, but he can dance a bit”  None of us are Fred Astaire but he is a testimony to the belief that hard work does eventually pay off.

Physical Pain should never be ignored, always look after your body, it’s the only one you have, so take care of it. Do all the right things eg don’t smoke cigarettes, don’t drink to much alcohol, eat food in moderation. This advice is not just for dancers but for all of us, you know it makes sense.

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