#6 My Top Ten Modern Day Crooners: No 4…Robbie Williams

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Robbie Williams first shot to fame was in 1990 with Take That, Robbie left the group in 1995 and had huge success as a solo artist. Robbie is a fantastic artist, I just wish he would stop all his boyish antics, I find it all a bit tiresome now, but there is no question about his position as a performer and a musician.

Robbie got into the crooning through his fathers influence and even had him on stage performing a duet, he covered some of the standards from the Great American Song Book and this was also a huge success, but for me he really came into his own with Swing Both Ways. This album had a slick combination of original songs and some standards, Swing both Ways & Swing Supreme are excellent songs.

Since Swing Both Ways he’s went back to his pop/rock roots, I believe if he stayed with the crooner swing, his audience would have increased and he would be an even bigger star than what he is now. Robbie is only fourth in my chart because of not sticking with the crooner style and image.

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