#6 Short Film on a Shoe String: Script Dialogue

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If you don’t have script you don’t have a movie, because it’s the starting point for any story that you want to bring to life on the screen.

You don’t strive to write more eloquent and poetic scene description. Between those written words within a screenplay lies the dialogue. And yes, the dialogue is what screenwriters often obsess about most, and rightfully so. Great dialogue can take a small concept and make it big.

Now imagine matching such great dialogue with more engaging concepts. A gigantic great white shark menacing the small island community of Amity as a police chief, marine scientist, and grizzled fisherman set out to stop it (Jaws).

My concept  is nearly always inspired by a character, I’m not sure if this is the right way to build a story but it seems to work okay for me. When I have my characters I build the story around them. In my day to day work as a musician and music teacher I meet people of all ages and I can add and subtract good and bad qualities as I please. For example; the band members in “The Mystery Girl” is based on a group of students who come for guitar lessons together, with two girls and one boy, they are now all in their mid teens and they’ve been coming for music lessons since they were at least seven years old, so I know them very well. I told them that I was basing the band characters on them, after the initial surprise, they were interested to know more, so I read them some dialogue from the script. This is a compressed version of the audition video in last weeks blog. I use Scottish accents some thick, some smooth.
Have you been using my hair gel again?
Why would I use your hair gel?
Because ye want-tae flatten yer coo’s lick.
Ok..Ok..I used a wee drop.
So you use hair gel, then Callum.

Hey.. What’s a coo’s lick?
A real Coo’s Lick, is whit he needs!

A coo’s lick is and Scottish idiom about hair that sticks up on the front of the forehead.

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