#7 Choosing Your Instrument: Bass Guitar

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I think most guitar players could play the bass guitar, because strings 1 to 4 on the bass are tuned the same as string 3(G),  4(D), 5 (A) & 6 (E, the same as a guitar.. The bass is different in a few ways from the guitar but you could say it is part of the guitar family. Here is a list of skills and differences between the guitar and bass guitar.

1) The bass guitar is mostly a group (ensemble) instrument, and I think this is a
positive point, because it’s not as easy as you might think, to find a good bass
player for your group. Making good bass players very much in demand. I started to
play bass with the group, because our regular bassist was unreliable, and I was the
only one who could stand in.

2) The very best bass players understand harmony (chords)  and how it works, a great
bass line in an original piece of music can elevate the song to something very
special. So don’t just memorise the notes to the cover songs you are learning, take
time to learn, why certain lines on the bass, are so effective with certain types of

3) Technique for playing the bass is very different from the guitar, the only thing that
is similar is the tuning, mentioned in the first paragraph and that will only help you
to find the right notes, playing the bass, is very different in technique from how
you play the bass, slap, tap & funk to mention a few.

When I played the bass, loved it, because it was a solid part of what separates a good band from a great one, it’s hard to explain the feeling you get, when you start to feel the grove with a drummer, the rest of the band just fall into place with it. I’m going to stick my neck on the block here and make a statement, which I believe is a fundamental truth for any band; You wont  have a band if you don’t have a Drummer and a Bass player who can work together. You can disagree with me but you will find that I’m not going to back down easily on this point. I’ve worked with the good the bad and the ugly, and learned the hard way what makes the difference.

My personal choice for a bass guitar is the fender electric bass, still got it but needs some T.L.C.

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