#7 Learn To Dance: Listen To Music

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I doesn’t matter what style of dance you choose, you will need to listen to the music, I can hear shouting!! But I do listen to the music all the time, yes so do I, but now you need to listen as a dancer.

This is a simple break-down of what the band plays.
Drums The drummer lays down the beat to which the rest of the band plays to, the drummer is a rhythm specialist, most of the basic beat is on the bass drum, snare drum and hi hat. The beat is what you dance to and the more confident you are, at hearing and feeling the beat, you will instantly start to improve. Now just move to it don’t move anywhere just feel it, tap your feet, snap your fingers, just keep listening.

Bass and drums is like a good marriage, they love each other, they blend together seamlessly, this is the heartbeat of the band, sometimes the music will have an incredible bass riff, sometimes the drums cut back and you can hear the bass doing it’s business.

Guitars, keyboard, horn’s sax’s and strings are the icing on the wedding cake, with beautiful harmonies and slick rhythms, if you really start to listen, you will begin to hear the band, now you are really starting to listen.

Vocals Nearly all music now has a vocalist, the vocalist demystifies everything that the band is playing, people can now sing along, and the vocalist is like the bride and the groom image stuck on top of the wedding cake, that everyone can relate to.

If you watch a professional couple dancing to a piece of music, watch and listen to how they have carefully interpreted the music into a dance routine. A dance routine is different from a social dance, because the dancers have spent a lot of hours, to put their visual style into the music. This is when the magic happens in my humble opinion, we gasp when the dancing, choreographed so well, we stand up and applaud the dancers and the musicians.

Whatever level you want to dance at, there is no compromise on this, please learn to listen to the music, when you memorise all the steps, and you are whizzing around the dance floor, you begin to feel part of the music, then you will begin to understand why musicians travel hundreds of miles just to get that feeling is amazing.

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