#7 Learn To Dance: Tap Dancing! Why?

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The first and simplest answer to that question is, you don’t need a partner I’m a widower and finding a partner just for the dancing is a lot more difficult than you can imagine. Okay so that is out the way, why did I decide to take tap dancing lessons?

The answer goes back to when I was very young, certainly not any older than ten years old, my parents would take me to the movies occasionally on a Saturday afternoon, this was a real treat, my favourite films were the road trip movies staring  Bob hope and Bing Crosby, I could remember some of the songs and sing them at home and I would try to remember the dance steps that they did but it just wouldn’t happen for me, I would even go back to the cinema and sneak back in and watch the movie again but I still couldn’t remember the steps.

I have since that time, learned how much you need to practice the steps before they lock into the memory, and good dancers make it look very easy almost as if anybody could do it. I also didn’t know anyone  who went to dancing lessons, karate, or football yes! but not dancing, so I just forgot about the whole idea about learning to dance, until now.

The truth of the matter is that we would all like to be as good as Fred Astaire , and we know it’s not going to happen, but I just wanted to try and find out what it felt like, to dance with that kind of freedom.

I started tap by going to you tube and I now have contact with Rod Howell, who I think is the best online tap teacher, he has a methodical approach, and  an excellent on screen persona. But I still felt I needed personal help because it was not coming easy to me, and I started to think “this is ridiculous and why bother” So I found and adult tap class, for which the time suited me and I went to my first lesson.

In my next blog I will tell you what it felt like going to my first lesson

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