#7 My First Screenplay: Basics: Archetypes

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In all of the top movies, the protagonist moves through 4 distinct
archetypes during the course of the movie. Act 2 is divided to create the journey of the main character.

Act I, the main character is or becomes an orphan.

Act II (first half), the main character is a wanderer.
Act II (second half), the main character becomes a warrior.

Act III the main character becomes a martyr.

Act one ends and act two begins with the clear statement of something called
the central question. The central question is the question that, once
answered definitively “yes” or “no”, the movie is over. All of the top films can tell their full story using a very simple formula. More than just a logline, this formula totally lays out all three acts in 60 to 80 words. By using a system of plot points which are discreet, unique, and essential chunks of story information. These plot points work for every genre and are specific enough to guide you while general enough to ensure your stories are unique and special.

Once I understood this basic information I started my story again and it made me think about how to make the story unfold as a visual art form, this felt restrictive at first but the discipline is a good thing, at least it is for me.

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