#7 My Top Ten Modern Day Crooners: No 5…Matt Dusk

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What is it about Canada that keeps on producing top rated artists in every genre of music. After doing some research on You Tube I came across Matt Dusk for the first time, now he might have been in the UK and I never heard about it, but I’ve got a feeling that he hasn’t. My advice to you is, check him out right away you won’t be disappointed. What makes me super impressed is the fact that he is a music arranger and a songwriter.

He has two certified gold albums, Two Shots and Good News one certified platinum album; My Funny Valentine, The Chet Baker Songbook, and three number one radio hits: “Back in Town,” “All About Me”, and “Good News.”

Born in Toronto, where he currently lives, Matt has seen most of Canada while touring, with the exception of the Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Newfoundland.

Finally, when are you going to visit the UK Matt?

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