#8 Getting Discovered: Social Media; Your Face Book Page

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As of the second quarter of 2016, Face book had 1.71 billion monthly active users. In the third quarter of 2012, the number of active Face book users had surpassed 1 billion. Active users are those which have logged in to Face book during the last 30 days. Furthermore, as of that quarter the social network had  1.57 billion mobile users.
The platform is also the most popular social network worldwide.

So that’s the statistics, learning how to use this resource is going to take time, to find out what works for you, there are lots of experts who know the markets and how to promote yourself, but I’m certainly not a sales guru, I could point out all the money I’ve wasted on marketing from being hooked by slick marketers, but there is not enough time in this blog. What I will do as usual is give you my own experience in using Face book.

The first step is to create your home page or time line, I posted a photo of a slightly younger me (vanity) and waited for something to happen and got bored looking at a blank page, in other words I didn’t have a Scooby Doo what I was doing. The clever move though was to speak to my music students and simply asked them what to do, the answer was, you find your friends, yeah! This was great fun but not much help in increasing interest in my music.

After lots of mistakes, I eventually got my head around, what is called your Face book page. Google how to make a face book page for a celebrity and you will get loots step by step guides on how to do it. Your time line is where you meet up with your friends and keep in touch with what they are doing, and is why most people use face book.
The celebrity page is about you as the artist/band where fans can find out what you are up to in connection with your business, because as far as I’m concerned music is a business, I love music but I have to deal with the business because we all need to eat and have a roof over our head.

I’ve been using face book for about two years now and I’ve gradually been converted not just for the business but for the way it opens up that 1.71 billion users to you, recently I received a message on my wall from a DJ in a major radio net work in Los Angels  who loved my music, which was very exciting, but it’s mainly the concept of connecting with real people around the globe and music connects with people better than anything I know.

In the next blog I will give you some tips on how to use your page, to reach your fans.

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