#8 Learn To Dance: Tap Dancing! My First Lesson

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I remember the first time I walked into the dance school and there was all these little girls running around in pink Tu Tu’s and I immediately started to say to my self (not out loud of course) “What on earth are you doing here you must be loosing some marbles” when someone said “can I help you?” I thought “maybe not” then I said “I would like to join the adult tap lessons. So I got all the information I needed and started the following week, now believe me when I tell you, that was the easy bit!

When I arrived at my first lesson, with my brand new tap shoes, I got to the door and almost turned around in absolute fear. I must point out here that I’m a very confident person about speaking playing music, but with this challenge, I am now completely out of my comfort zone. I walked into the room full of women and everybody stops when I enter, yes you’ve guessed it, I was the only man in the place and to this day I am still the only male not just in the class, the whole dancing school. I put on my tap shoes and stand at the back trying to follow the teacher, who is superb at all dancing, clearly she could see that I was a beginner, so she focussed on me to try and get me through some basics again everybody else stopped to watch, I thought “you might as well dig a hole and bury me now”.

When we had finished for the evening I was ready to make a quick exit but the woman tap dancers were very encouraging to me, when I started to speak to them I discovered that most of them had started as little girls and now take their children to the dance school but most of the steps were learned when they were very young.

I spoke to the dance teacher Julie before leaving and said that I didn’t think I was good enough for this group but she would hear none of it and told me to practice the step she had given me and she would see me the following week.

So I was in my first tap dance lesson, it gets harder and a lot funnier but I’ll tell you more in the next blog.

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