#8 Screenwriter: The Plot: 2 – to – 4

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Plot Point 2
We see the Hero’s flaw in relation to the Stakes Character.
The stakes character is the face that represents all of the people that the bad guys are victimizing. Itʼs usually someone the hero feels very deeply about.

In STAR WARS, Luke is trying to destroy the Death Star and save the rebel base, but the stakes character is actually Princess Leia. In this plot point, we see whatʼs wrong with the heroʼs life via the life of the stakes character. The stakes character usually has the qualities that the hero needs to complete his arc.

In STAR WARS, Luke is stuck on Uncle Owenʼs farm, milking space cows and fixing fences when he really wants to go to the academy, shoot some Storm troopers and have great adventures. Leia is the stakes character; sheʼs doing everything Luke dreams of doing, out in space, blasting Storm troopers. Through her, we see Lukeʼs flaw — heʼs stuck on the farm — even though we have yet to meet him.

Plot Point 3
Antagonist or someone or something symbolic of the Antagonist.
We finally meet our bad guy, or at least his representative. Sometimes itʼs a moment in the film that is representative of what the bad guy is trying to accomplish
In STAR WARS, Leia is captured by the Storm troopers who are representatives of the Emperor.

Plot Point 4
The deflector slows the hero down. Pulls him off the path.
The deflector is a character who deflects the Hero from the goal. Heʼs the character who might want the hero to do things his way, rather than let the hero do it his way. He might be an otherwise good guy, only misguided. He might be a bad guy. There might be many “assistant” deflectors in a film. Anyone who gets in your heroʼs face
and tries to stop him is a deflector.

In STAR WARS, Darth Vader is the main deflector. The Jawas, the Sand People, the Storm troopers, the goons in the bar. . . these are “assistant” deflectors.

Plot point 4 can be given to either the main deflector or any assistant deflector of your choosing. Stars Wars is used as a typical use of plot points.

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