#8 The Songwriter’s Baby

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A song is a bit like a baby, you care and nourish it, correct it and love it and sometimes you get exasperated with it, even before it’s born you are thinking about its future, what will its name (title) be, will it be loved by someone apart from myself, you get the idea, don’t you. Eventually the song is born, you have a couple of verses and maybe a chorus, at this point the feeling is euphoric, you have a song it feels fantastic, now you just have to let someone hear it? The problem at this stage, for the songwriter (or perhaps this is just me) I can hear in my head the whole final production, string section an angelic vocal etc, in this deluded stage of euphoria I play it to my nearest and dearest, who has no musical skills whatsoever, expecting her to hear the potential in this new song!

Think of it this way, you go to the hospital to visit the mother and the newborn baby, all the family are there and everybody says that the baby is beautiful, now I remember on one instance this particular baby was brought into the world with a pair of forceps and it had a squashed sort of pointed head and the baby was still beautiful to all of us until one of the children said “mummy why does it have a funny head” The point is this, the majority of your friends and family do not want to hurt your feelings and only those with some kind of musical ear would be able to help unless you tell them to be brutally honest and give there honest opinion. This is when it gets really interesting and where you come into the process of helping the songwriter to bring his new baby out to the big wide world.

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