#9 Being A Musician: Training Your Audience Part 2

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Finding your musical signature or finger print, is no easy task because there is so much available on the internet which gives an amazing amount of choice, but makes it much more difficult to stand out from the crowd.

A good friend of mine is a very clever scientist and developed the use of fibre optics, which is how we can communicate so quickly across the world because the messages and images travel at the speed of light. He explained to me when he gave me and my wife a tour at Glasgow University, that great discoveries in science are very rare, and we learn more from the small steps of progress that our predecessors leave behind, and he studied theories on the speed of light and developed experiments that could prove that the theories were possible. What I learned from this very clever but humble man was a simple work ethic, and a love of what you do, will eventually  bring rewards.

What does this anecdote got to do with your music? I hear you ask. Like the scientist you can work with what has gone before you started to play music and experiment with different genres to find what works for you. What I did was ask myself, which music did I like more than any others and I was able to narrow it down to three genres Jazz, Latin and Pop. That was the easy bit, but could I blend some of the instrumentation from the three? Again I picked what instruments I liked most, guitar and piano but nearly every band uses the same instruments.

What you now do is experiment when you start finding little things that work, tell your audience, train them to listen and they will want to go on this journey with you.

Training can sound very boring, so how can you hi light any innovations in your music without sounding like a lecturer. Read Training your audience part 3.

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