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Okay this is what I do in my practice sessions, please, please! alter this according to your personal circumstances.

Tuesday: 1 Hour Session

I.. warm up for about 5 minutes, I always do this to music, it just makes it more interesting.

2.. I take notes from my Monday night class, on what I need to work on eg, last week I couldn’t get a simple transition step into my head and this was first on my list. I took a video of this with my phone and upload the video file to my laptop at home. I like the laptop because it’s easier to view, and to carry around with you at home, plus you can put the video into slow motion, making it a lot easier to follow the fast steps.

3…Add the transition step ( point 2 ) to what’s already been done.


Wednesday: 1 Hour Session

I.. warm up for about 5 minutes, to music again but this time I try and ad-lib some combination steps to the music, this can be a bit of a hit and a miss, but great fun and the odd good thing pops up which I take a note of.

2.. In this section the bulk of the work for me! Is to memorise all the steps in small stages, especially when it’s for a performance routine. The video is great for this because you can practice little chunks of it over and over again. Once the steps are practice and in time to the music, it’s a lot easier to get the arms posture and movements for the routine

3…If there is something I’m doing consistently wrong I take a note of this and ask my dance teacher; What Am I doing wrong, and she will take a couple of minutes, to slow it down and high light where it is that I’m going wrong.

This now concludes this series of blogs, but I’ve got a feeling that I might come back to it again.

On a final note, we are doing Singing In The Rain, and guess who is to be Gene Kelley! it’s been 3 years since I started my tap dance lessons and I’ve never missed one class, if you are thinking about dance lessons, don’t hesitate, you won’t regret it.

The combination of music and dance, is like love and marriage, they go together like a horse and carriage.

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