#9 My First Screenplay: Basics: The Central Question

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Throughout the story, the Protagonist moves closer and closer to answering the Central Question; once the question is answered, the story is over.

This is my Central question:
Will Eddie Carter protect Nannette Barclay from his nemesis Commander Tom Campbell.

Looks easy doesn’t it! It might be for experienced writers but it was certainly not easy for me to understand what I was writing about. Don’t get me wrong, I can write a story but I tend to get lost in the characters, and find it hard to stop writing.

Let me explain it this way, your wedding anniversary is a week away, but you don’t want to buy the same old thing, you want to make it special, so you go into the jeweller’s shop and after about an hour you make a decision on what you will think will be something special for your nearest and dearest. You wrap it up nice with a card and nice little love note. You give her the present on the day and she is very surprised! And she say’s “ you didn’t need to give something as expensive as this” and you think to yourself I’ll get this right one day.

When you are writing  a script the same thing happens, you think you’ve got it spot on the mark and someone reads a few pages and say’s “you didn’t need to do this  or that a simple story is what you need. One day you might get it just right.

The central question helps you to stay focused on what the story is about, and to not get distracted with things that are not involved at least in some way to the central question.

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