#9 Screenwriter: The Plot: 5 – 6

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Plot Point 5
Inciting Event. Hero now gets emotionally involved.

The hero starts getting tugged out of his ordinary world by an emotional connection to the adventure at hand.

In LIAR LIAR, unknown to Fletcher, his ex-wife has just been proposed to beginning the threat that he will lose contact with his son.

Plot Point 6
Hero’s goal as it relates to the Stakes Character and/or love interest.

The Hero’s problem is made clear to audience. This is often a clarifying beat that shows or foreshadows either the Heroʼs connection to or problem with the character with whom he has, will have, or wants to have the deepest personal connection.

In TITANIC, we meet Rose and begin to understand her reluctant engagement to Cal.

This plot point often hovers a famous and overused line of dialog. It usually comes from the best friend who looks the Hero in the eye and says “Do you know what your problem is. . . ?” The best friend then lays out exactly what the Hero is going to need to learn to complete his arc by the end of the film. This plot point specifies in no uncertain terms the emotional journey the  Hero must embark on to become whole.

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