#9 The Finished Product

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I know what you are thinking my music is art, not a product, but even artists need to eat so you need sell your product and probably learn how to work in sales or hire someone to sell for you. There is some average music that has sold well because of good promotion and good music that failed because of the lack of it.

If you want your music to sell then you must be able to compete with your competitors otherwise give up. I think the best route for the independent artist is to establish a fan base through live gigs performing a combination of covers and your own material. A record label will only take notice if you have a few thousand on your mailing list.

Ask yourself some questions 1…Is there anything unique about my music? 2…What makes me stand out from the crowd? 3…If my music was on the shelf what would make the browser look or listen to me?

I believe that we are all unique and the music artists who are the most successful are the ones who have the ability to tap into that and bring it out in their music but no matter how unique you are you still need to package it into a saleable product.

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