#9 What I’ve Learned from Teaching Music: Lesson Plan Overview

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If you want to have a career in teaching music you must have an overall plan or strategy. I will use the guitar as an example of what not to do and what you should do.
Giving the student some chords to learn each week along with a song sheet, is not a plan, the student can learn that on you tube and more, but you may get some students who will be happy with this.

Here are some possibilities of how to create your plan, Can you include and teach the student 1…guitar tablature, 2…Chord boxes 3…Music notation, 4…Where the notes are on the fret board and how to find them, 5…play a melody, 6…play a melody with added chords, 7…How to play right hand finger picking, 8…What about singing and using the guitar for the accompaniment. Etc., Etc., Choose the areas that you are best at and focus on this, at least to start with. Classic Rock guitar is very popular and I can play most of it but it’s not my favourite music so I employ a tutor for the music school who is amazing at Rock guitar, my first choice for guitar was Classical guitar but there is no interest where I live for this style of guitar playing.

So you have chosen your specialised area of music, the difficult part now is to find material for beginners upward in graded style from absolute basic to advanced players. As mentioned in an earlier blog I have written my own graded books for beginner, preliminary grade 1 and grade 2. The beginner and preliminary grades are foundation courses and all the basic elements for each instrument are taught to students over a two year period. Foundation as the word suggests gives the student the tools he/she will need as they start to make progress eg what they absolutely need to know before they can move on to the next grade.

From your chosen specialist area, you should now have an overview of what you are going to teach and how much you will include for each year of learning, you will be continually tweaking this until you have the right balance and what works best for you, but once you have taught this a few times you won’t ever forget it.

Now you need to start your lesson plan and we will go over this in the next blog.

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