Mission Statement

The mission of the Ronald Simone collective of musicians and technicians, is to entertain people with uplifting music that will reach the heart, by producing suitable content that all the family can enjoy, great music is not optional for us it is essential.

Early Years

I was born and brought up in Edinburgh and moved through to Kilmarnock in Ayrshire with my parents when I was ten. My Dad got me accordion lessons when I was 13 years old the idea was, I could get myself a fulltime job and make some extra money at the weekends playing the accordion. I loved playing the accordion I went for my accordion lessons every Thursday morning at 8:00 am (how keen is that) I then went to school at 9 am. The Beatles were the biggest thing on the planet when I was leaning to play Scotland the Brave, so I grew my hair long and bought a guitar but still played the accordion. Since then I have played with dance bands rock bands done cabaret, been the musical director for two amateur theatre shows and taught music in secondary schools for 13 years, but as a musician I prefer being independent so moved to Perth (Scotland) in 1999 and opened Perthshire Music School

Castledean Records

Castledean Records

In 2001 I formed a small record Label Castlededan Records. The idea was simple! The only way to get my music produced was to do it myself, this has had many ups and downs but here are some of the highlights. Two albums with the Celtic rock band Cutty Sark. My first solo album (Children Of The Mist) was produced in 2004 which resulted in a radio tour along the east coast of Canada. In 2006 I worked with a close friend in a duo called Celticburn and produced the album “Shake Loose The Border“, which has received much acclaim as the sound is reminiscent of the Scottish duo “The Corries“. I recorded one album in the style of Andy Stewart “Auld Scotland Fondly Held” which was only sold at live gigs.

Live Performing

I have continued to do live performing and have appreciated the popularity of Andy Stewart by the response of the audience to the song (Come In Come In). I believe there is a deep rooted love for this music and a nostalgia for a time when Scottish music was celebrated around the globe, however according to my mother (who is not the least bit bias)the first song I learned to sing at 4 year old was “Love and Marriage” she said I could sing a whole verse and chorus, which apparently annoyed everybody in the house. I did seem get into the groove with the Frank Sinatra songs very quickly and the tribute show has been more successful than I ever imagined, so maybe me Ma was right! Frank Sinatra was burned into my subconscious mind when I was a toddler!!

Song Writing

An exciting spin-of from the airplay of Children Of The Mist album is a signed publishing deal with Lexington Alabama Music Company for the country song “The Tennessee Shuffle”. This deal gave me the confidence to continue as a song writer and I have started writing some swing songs to be recorded with the Ronald Simone Swing Band. This is an unbelievable opportunity and I just cant wait to work with this band.

Instrumental Skills

Trained to diploma level on Guitar, Keyboard, Accordion.

Canadian American Records

Canadian American Records Joey Welz

In 2013 I was offered a record deal with Candian American Records by Joey Weltz C.E.O., who was the piano player for Bill Haley and the Comets. Joey said this “we love your voice and we will sign you, we have been looking for a crooner to add to our label since Sinatra died”. This is a great opportunity for me to work with one of the legends of the music business. I will now record new material once a year in the studio with the band through my own label Castledean Records, which will be followed up by one or two tracks being included on the Canadian American label for worldwide radio promotion.