A Rebel Without a Cause And-The Old School Photo-Classic!!

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I'm always in the middle

I became a rebel against the system and would argue with teachers and students. In Scottish schools discipline was met out with a leather belt and the male teachers would keep it on their shoulder and under the jacket.  To be honest this is a time in my life that I would rather forget, I did tell my Mum and Dad some of the horror stories, my Dad understood it, but my Mum just wouldn’t accept the truth.

I eventually made friends at school and my two best friends were George Rollo and Big Abie. But I’ll tell you more about these guys later. I’m easy to recognise centre and middle. Who do you think is Big Abie? he wasn’t  tall just big. Who is George Rollo? Who was considered very handsome by all the girl’s? George was quite shy and I would chat to them for him.

Before leaving School we had a prize giving. My Dad came with me, when we were walking home.

(I said to him sheepishly)

Dad I didn’t get any certificates

(His laughing reply was)

Son the only certificate you’ll ever have


Is your birth certificate!

We both laughed out loud.

(I thought this about his jibe at me.)

Well if he doesn’t care. Neither do I

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