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Although I would classify myself as a singer/songwriter, I don’t feel comfortable with term, because in the current music business it brings to mind not only the artist who writes the song but a very specific style of music, which I enjoy and admire very much indeed, but does not describe me. I think crooner/songwriter is an interesting one, because most of the crooners from the classic era were not songwriters, and my goal is to write a song that will define me as an artist, like a signature tune that immediately brings to your mind who the artist is. This is a huge ask but I will give it my best shot.

What Is The Difference?

Pop singers including singer/songwriters have a very specific style of vocal that I can imitate but just doesn’t suit me as a vocalist also my musical influences are very different from the current trend in up coming singers and bands. I only discovered that I was good at crooning by accident when learning to sing a few Sinatra songs, and it was the reaction I was getting from the audience that disconcerted me because they liked me immediately. What I did very early on is record some of the songs and to be honest I surprised myself, it all needed a little tweaking here and there but overall it sounded good. The difference was this, I was using a lot more of my lower register or chest voice, I also discovered that I have a natural vibrato when I sing from my chest voice to my head voice. One final point on this learning curve was the fact that my vocal tone sounds nothing like Frank Sinatra, initially I was disappointed about this, but then I thought maybe I could use it as a positive thing if I started writing songs in the crooner style, so that’s why I think of myself as a crooner/songwriter and not a singer/songwriter.

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