Learn To Travel In Time

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Time travel is impossible isn’t it? but not in the movies because there are so many what if’s to make it compelling viewing. One of my favourite subjects after music, is history, because I love to time travel, history books can be a bit boring but when movies combine historical facts and a good drama, these are my absolute favourite movies because they take me back to that time period and I can imagine what it must have been like to live in that time. If you are only listening to music that is currently in fashion, you are missing out on so much of our musical legacy we are all linked to our past and music can be traced back in time the same way we can trace our family tree, yes our musical tree has lots of branches but it has very solid roots. Music that survives the test of time are the names and titles placed on the branches of our wonderfully diverse musical tree. So learn to time travel with music, take the time to listen, if you do you will get some wonderful surprises.

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