Live Preview of New Songs

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We are pleased to announce that we will performing a live preview show
with the full band, we will be performing favourite songs chosen by the fans of
our very own Swing Bank. Eleven songs were performed live on July 12 2014 to an
audience of twenty local fans in Perth, with just piano, guitar, bass and
vocals, from this first session we now have seven songs ready to take to the
next stage which is a 
full arrangement
with the big band.

 The live preview, with the full band will be November 16 2014 at the
Hotel 7:30 pm, you can order
your tickets on the buy tickets page . This is a not to be missed
  live gig, as we will need to take out at
least two of the songs from the seven, so if you are not already a swing bank
member, sign in now and
  pick your
favourites. The top 5 favourite songs will be recorded early in January 2015 so
there is still time for you to register. All our Swing Bank members will
receive a FREE download of our first 4 track ep Watching The Stars.

 Our report with scores and comments from our members along with the new
tracks, will be sent to our record label, Canadian American Records, for Rock n
Roll Legend Joey Welz of Bill Haley and the Comets,
to then consider which tracks to use for the next worldwide radio promotion.

We are planning to do a full recording session once a year and our swing
bank members are very important to us, as we truly believe if any small success
comes our way, it will be with a
little help from
our friends
in the Swing Bank. Our tech
man Darren will have the swing bank ready soon!!

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