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You would never think that these two words would be linked together but they are, a bit like love and marriage you can’t have one without the other? Well I’m sure that it’s true in most cases but not always. Have you ever looked at old photographs and thought to yourself did I really wear that? Fashion changes, what is fashionable today, is unfashionable tomorrow. Music is no different, we had a music festival in Perth recently and the theme was music from the 80’s, all the live bands to me sounded great but it was not what I remember from the 80’s, most of the bands in the charts were experimenting with some of the latest technology, and the drum machine was probably the most popular. I must admit though that did a lot of programming myself and got very tired and unsatisfied with it, and now I just can’t listen to anything that sounds like it has been programmed, synchronized, quantized or otherwise. I’m not criticizing this music, it has just gone out of fashion. The music of Abba is still getting played on radio, theatre and film but take a look at Abba on you tube and I don’t think you will be wearing these outfits next time you go shopping, but he music Abba created seems to be more popular than ever.

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