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I have always found it difficult to choose my genre because there are so many sub categories. I think it falls in like this; Jazz/Swing/Latin American/Pop and the radio category is Adult Contemporary/Smooth Jazz.

Popular music from the twentieth century until now has been very influential and musicians songwriters are influenced by artists they admire and like, the good thing about this is this, the music is always changing, for example my three major influences are 1..The Beatles 2..Billy Joel 3..Frank Sinatra, I have put them in this order because I’m speaking from a very personal point of view. I think it would be fair to say that Billy Joel would more than likely include the Beatles as an influence on him, the same way as they were on me, and I think we are more or less the same age. The really interesting influence on myself is Frank Sinatra because he was on the scene long before the Beatles and Billy Joel and I have got to say the Sinatra influence for me has been the most successful musically because you just can’t help yourself when writing a song to be moved by the music you admire and love the most.

I have now listened to the my new EP “Swing Sensation” a few times and I can hear those influences in a kind of mixed up but very good way. I’m so excited by this that I have now already started to work on the next EP for 2016, it is almost like a compulsion that keeps driving me on the next project.

To conclude on this subject, I have never actually met any of my musical heroes in person but some how it doesn’t really matter because it’s about the music and I can’t see any end to it can you?

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