The Guitar Riff

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The guitar riff is legendary and we all have our favourites if you can create one it could be solid gold. As a songwriter and a guitar player I have never been able to come up with a decent guitar riff, I think melody and lyrics are my strengths.

The rock guitar riffs are popular I play them all the time with students a recent one I went over with some students is the song “Alright Now” when I heard this song for the first time, I just played it over and over again.

What I would like to do is focus on one band called Chic, guitarist Nigel Rodgers and on bass Bernard Edwards, from the mid 70’s to the 80’s they made this there own and turned it into an art form.

How they did it was like this; create a guitar riff, now a guitar riff is not just some chords it is a melody worked around the chords, if you want to try this, have a go at working out how many chords you can make out of C major I can think of at least 6 on the guitar remember a major chord is only 3 notes C, E, and G now juggle them about in different positions on the fret board now start experimenting but you need to have a good ear, a good knowledge of chords and how to find notes on the guitar, or just jam with a friend and see what you can come up with.

The reason I chose Chic is because the guitar and bass grove together as if it was born that way this funky disco duo produced incredible music over and over again. Now if you want to listen to this properly play it on a decent sound system so you can hear the bass. Enjoy.

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