To Croon or not to Croon

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The transition from being a pop or rock vocalist has not been an easy transition and I still feel that I am on a learning curve. Being my very brash an confident self as a musician I have always managed to make many transitions in music. I have studied classic guitar and classical music in general, performed in pop and rock bands so crooning would be easy?

My first target was old blue eyes himself Frank Sinatra, I lunged myself into the music loving every minute of it, I memorized and learned about 20 songs in two months, I bought the backing tracks and of I went to get some gigs which I did and got paid, so now I’m a crooner?

I was singing the songs and the audience were liking what I was doing but I wasn’t crooning, I just didn’t know it yet. I new that my vocal tone wasn’t like Sinatra but someone once said to I was a bit like Michael Buble` and a bit like Frank Sinatra, maybe good maybe not so good. Being a song writer I thought it might be a good idea to write a couple of songs in the style of the crooners. I wrote one song and got some jazz musicians to as the backing band. Great idea yes !

I recorded the song in my small compact studio and let my dear wife Karen have a listen to it since I was singing about her. She loved it didn’t she? NO Your not singing it right was the reply, she has no musical experience so we had a very long friendly discussion! Here is the result from that discussion.

1…My phrasing was on the beat all the time and that’s not how you do it.

2…Ballads need to be smoother and the breathing technique needs to be perfect.

3…Had to learn how to use my head voice and chest voice at the right time.

4…Learn when to hold a note and to not hold a note

5…Gaining confidence with the melody, to have the ability to play around with it

without destroying it.

6…How to identify the heart of the song to establish the mood or the right emotion in

the song.

7…Finally give a performance, by bringing your own energy feelings and personality

to the music.

Now Karen didn’t tell me all this but I got enough from her frank (excuse the pun) comments to work harder on what I was doing. The result has been astonishing, sometimes I feel like pinching myself, the reaction is nearly always the same and people just seem to connect with you in a truly wonderful way. Thanks Karen.

Now what I have been speaking of is a live performance, this is not exactly the same as recording a session with a live band, I can give you my experiences of this another time.

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