Who Would Be A Songwriter

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Song writing for me, is a compulsion that I can’t seem to tame, I have learned several instruments studied classical guitar all with varying degrees of energy but I’m always led back to the song writing, my head tells me that my chances for success are minimal but my heart keeps leading me on to write another song. A great song is not just the song, but a combination the right production, band, vocalist and promotion for it to succeed. I know I have a great song in me and I believe I am closer now than before to bring all these factors together, so “with a little help from my friends” perhaps we can make it happen.

I have written folk songs country songs Celtic rock songs pop songs etc. Just a few years ago I reached a musical crossroads, this was a familiar place! With a simple question, How can I earn more money? Being a professional musician, the answer is always, whatever pays the most, but this time I decided to indulge myself by asking what music do I listen to the most? This is not my influences eg Billy Joel, the Beatles, what music do I just enjoy listening to? and the answer was my double cd album of Frank Sinatra’s greatest hits, it went every where with me, in the car on my lap top relaxing in the lounge. The interesting thing here is, I did not analyse this music I only listened, so if I enjoyed this music so much why did I never consider it? Because it’s not rock n’ roll is it? so I laid all my bias to the side and decided to give it a go. The challenges this music gave me I will consider at another time but a three year learning curve should give you a little sense of what is involved.

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